Poland's Nowy Tomysl Bank adopts Diebold self-service technology

Source: Diebold

The local bank Nowy Tomysl, part of the SGB Group, has adopted an integrated self-service banking solution from Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) that includes Opteva® hardware, Agilis EmPower® software and maintenance services. The bank has deployed two Opteva 328 banknote deposit and dispensing systems, as well as five Opteva 522 cash dispenser. The rollout was completed in the third quarter of 2009.

After 85 years of success and strong contribution to the local economic development and enhancing banking services in the region, Nowy Tomysl Bank decided to setup a new branch concept that leverages the latest trends towards electronic and branch banking. It provides the bank's customers with convenient access to transactional services while enabling branch staff to focus on advisory and marketing activity, thus better serving their needs. The Nowy Tomysl branches now have an attractive open-plan layout with a fresh design. The branch layout includes a self-service area open around the clock that provides a wide array of services including bank note dispensing, online banknote deposit and Internet banking access.

"The transformation of our branches leveraging the latest branch banking concept and state-of-the-art technologies was important to enhance the quality of the services we render to our clients and to continue to play a leading role in facilitating access to banking services in our local community. With this project now completed, we can measure the benefits for our bank and the positive feedback of our clients," explains Mirosław Bąk, president of the board at Nowy Tomysl Bank.

"We awarded a consortium of Polish companies including Diebold with the contract to deliver a comprehensive solution to fit our new branch vision. Particularly, we believe Diebold Poland offers innovative self-service solution and strong maintenance services. It's important to us that Diebold had a strong involvement in making the project possible and deliver a smooth integration with our new IT environment. Diebold services quality also ensures that our self-service systems are available to our bank customers around the clock," he added.

The contract includes the delivery of two Opteva 328 machines that offer cash dispensing and online deposit in bundles of up to 200 banknotes into a single low-footprint system. The Opteva 328 is also fully ready for automated caash recycling of Polish Zloty and Euro banknotes, offering an opportunity to easily upgrade the system as regulations or business needs require -- thus protecting the bank's investment. To ensure a smooth integration of the Opteva 328 in the bank IT environment, the Diebold Agilis EmPower software features dual server connectivity. The traditional ATMs transactions are driven by the bank's ATM server while online deposit transactions are processed thru the Softnet branch application of the bank. Therefore, Agilis EmPower enables the addition of an advanced set of transactions with no requirement of an expensive upgrade to the ATM driver.

"With nearly 500 banks and 4,300 branches, the local bank segment is one of the most important and dynamic in Poland," explained Jerome Amara, Warsaw-based Diebold Central Europe and Switzerland sales director. "While access to banking services and self-service equipment is fairly good in the largest cities, the rural areas remain underequipped, and local banks play a key role to improve financial services for affected consumers across the country.

"Over the last 18 months, we have strongly invested in our sales, services and software resources to ensure that we can deliver the Polish local banks with the most advanced self-service solutions and support the transformation of its branch network," Amara continued. "We are delighted with our involvement in the Nowy Tomysl project, which demonstrates that local banks can support their client base with the latest branch banking concepts."

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