CIM Banque live on new SunGard Ambit m-banking technology

Source: SunGard

SunGard has launched Ambit Mobile Banking, an extension of SunGard's Ambit Private Banking solution suite for private banks.

SunGard's Ambit Mobile Banking provides a secure client information delivery channel that gives private banking clients constant account access to monitor activities in their portfolios on a real-time basis through a mobile device that is connected to the financial institution's core banking application. Swiss private bank C.I.M. Banque, based in Geneva, is the first customer to go live on the new Ambit Mobile Banking solution.

As the banking industry refocuses on its core assets, best practices around client loyalty and long-term profitability are top priorities. This is especially true for the private banking industry, where short-term revenue goals and lack of transparency have increased clients' desire to actively monitor their portfolio activity. To meet this need, banks are looking to improve transparency with secure access to information for their high net worth clients in an easy to use fashion that is conducive to their clients' lifestyles. With Ambit Mobile Banking, clients can view their portfolio valuations and performance at any time in their chosen currencies, see cash and security movements for any given time and initiate payments, stock exchange and FX operations from anywhere.

Thierry Mosse, executive director of C.I.M. Banque, commented, "Our clients are our most important asset. With SunGard's Ambit Mobile Banking, C.I.M. Banque now offers a new level of flexibility to our high net worth clients who would like to use their iPhones® to securely manage their portfolios. These clients are increasingly technology savvy, as their busy lifestyles demand that they have the ability to make important decisions regardless of time or place. Ambit Mobile Banking helps to increase our client's access to real-time account information, provide instant communications to their portfolio managers, and strengthen our relationships with our clients."

Daniel Bardini, president of SunGard's Ambit Private Banking business unit, said, "Imprd, "Improving client services is critical for any firm seeking to become a Well Managed Bank. With Ambit Mobile Banking, we are extending the value of the Ambit Private Banking suite to help banks' clients and staff utilize the flexibility of mobile devices for core banking, portfolio management and client management. SunGard understands that serving the needs of high net worth clients requires a reliable approach to security, transparency, trusted advice and client service, and we are dedicated to continuously developing new ways to help private banks deliver value to their clients."

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