Ideon opens New York office

Source: Ideon Financial Solutions

Ideon Financial Solutions, a leading product innovation partner to retail banks in the North America and Europe, has now opened a second office in the US, this time in Manhattan, New York.

"Over the last 18 months, Ideon has been making a strategic investment and commitment to the US market where we have confirmed that there is significant opportunity for us to bring fresh ideas and solutions to many banks, particularly with the unique market situation and challenges being faced by the financial community as a whole, and the need to provide their customers with tangible value-added products" said Matt Murphy, Ideon's Managing Director for North America.

"The positive response we have had from a number of banks has now created a need to open a second office in New York, complimenting the existing San Antonio office, and the SAS70-II data processing centers in Dallas and Washington - so that we can provide greater geographic coverage to all of our customers, particularly for our Choice Savings solution"

The patent-pending Choice Savings solution is a highly configurable platform that enables banks to design and deploy a wide variety of customizable savings products for distribution through their branch network and online sales channels. It allows banks to offer many different types of deposit accounts in which the customer is able to follow simple, intuitive steps to build their own deposits and choose among other variables, values such as their desired guaranteed interest rate (APY), regular payments (pre-planned liquidity prior to maturity) and a source of a "reward rate" (tied to the performance of an underlying stock index, interest rates,...).

Ideon offers a complete end-to-end solution that not only delivers front line sales tools and training, but also all of the back-office accounting, customer correspondence, tax reporting, risk hedging and compliance. Choice Savings is a complete turnkey solution that dramatically reduces the time-to-market of launching new savings products and eliminates all back-end manual processes.

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