ID Analytics launches account takeover risk product

Source: ID Analytics

ID Analytics, the leader in on-demand identity intelligence, today unveiled ID Score Account Takeover, a new product which assesses the risk that a customer account change request is associated with a fraudulent account takeover attempt.

ID Analytics ID Score is trusted by leading organizations to protect against identity fraud, and now that same technology is available to identify the risk of account takeover. ID Score Account Takeover accurately assesses account takeover risk to minimize costs while ensuring a positive customer experience.

Fraudsters can gain unauthorized access to legitimate bank or wireless accounts by requesting changes to the associated identity-related information, including home address, phone number, and email address. Once the information, such as a fraudulent home address, enters the system of record, the fraudster can place orders for replacement credit cards, checks, passwords/PINs or new cell phones which will be mailed to the fraudster's address without the knowledge of the legitimate account owner. This technique is costing financial services, brokerages, telecommunications, utilities, and other companies that maintain consumer accounts millions of dollars each year.

"Financial institutions must process an account change for one of out of every 12 accounts annually. Excessive scrutiny of every requested change runs the risk of alienating customers and generates significant operational costs," stated Mason Carpenter, director, Identity Risk Solutions, ID Analytics, Inc. "ID Score Account Takeover provides our customers with meaningful visibility into account takeover risk resulting in more informed customer management decisions and reduced costs."

Account change requests are generally verified manually. A fraud analyst examines a variety of independent sources to gather information related to the change request and renders a decision as to the risk level of the change. In contrast, ID Score Account Takeover examines identity usage patterns associated with the identity in real time. This process objectively determines if an identity, considered as a whole, is at risk of identity theft and if the requested account changes are indicative of acce of accnges are indicative of account takeover.

Today, ID Score Account Takeover screens non-monetary transactions for leading financial institutions at an annualized rate of nearly 20 million per year. The solution rank orders 100 percent of those transactions and has proven to isolate nearly half of the fraud-related losses within two percent of the riskiest transactions. Because of its ability to isolate these losses in such a small review population, ID Score Account Takeover users can achieve a significant reduction in fraud losses and operational expenses while minimizing customer friction.

ID Score Account Takeover leverages the data within the ID Network®, the nation's only real-time, cross-industry compilation of identity information, to compare the identity information before and after the requested changes in combination with the overall identity risk. ID Score Account Takeover provides organizations numerous benefits:

• Identifying high-, moderate- and low-risk account changes by rank-ordering them in real time or via a batch process, which keeps false positive rates low.

• By not relying on data matching or negative databases, ID Score Account Takeover accurately calculates the risk of account information changes, even when seeing a combination of identity elements for the first time.

• Focusing investigative efforts on only the riskiest requested account changes improves utilization of resources and reduces costs associated with verification letters, telephone calls and other validation efforts.

• Reduces customer friction by eliminating the need for unnecessary contact with high-value, low-risk customers.

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