TD Ameritrade unveils paper trading technology

Source: TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: AMTD) today announced that it has launched thinkOnDemand, a new, innovative way for retail traders and investors to paper trade, or trade using simulated cash and positions.

thinkOnDemand provides users with tick-by-tick intra-day prices that can be replayed at any time - hours, days and weeks after they have occurred - without leaving the live trading platform. In its simplest terms, thinkOnDemand is like a personal digital video recorder (DVR) for traders.

Users of the thinkorswim from TD AMERITRADE trading platform can use thinkOnDemand to paper trade stocks, futures, forex and options. Because thinkOnDemand is completely integrated into the live trading platform, traders can also move back and forth between thinkOnDemand paper trading and live trading with a single click. Traders can select any date from the previous four months and replay, fast forward and pause the archived market data, enter simulated trades and see the hypothetical results.

"This is a tremendous breakthrough for traders and one of the most innovative tools we have ever developed," said Tom Sosnoff, senior vice president of TD AMERITRADE's Trader Group. "Paper trading and back-testing are popular and effective methods for becoming a more educated, disciplined trader. We've integrated the two and made them more useful and intuitive. This new technology clearly demonstrates our commitment to leading the industry with useful, integrated trading technology, and making it available to the growing active trader market."

thinkOnDemand complements six software releases that have recently added new functionalities and resources to the thinkorswim from TD AMERITRADE trading platform, including:

* Gadget 360, which displays complex options data in an easy-to-interpret graphical form;
* Extraordinary order control for the active trader;
* Live-from-the-floor Market Cast squawk box, and custom position grouping; and
* Access to even more charts, futures, options and forex, as well as more analytics, alerts and news.

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