Bank holiday weekend sees record UK cash machine withdrawals

Source: Link

Friday 30 April was the busiest day ever for Link cash withdrawals with £590 million withdrawn, beating the previous record, which was on Christmas Eve 2009, by £25 million.

Over £1.5 billion had been withdrawn by the end of the Bank Holiday weekend, an increase of 9% on the same period in 2009.

Friday lunch time is the busiest time of the week for cash machines and, on Friday 30 April, transactions hit a new record of over 1,100,000 in one hour and nearly 20,000 in a single minute.

LINK processed a total of 13,434,665 transactions on 30 April, with 1,101,102 in the busiest hour (between 12:00 noon and 1.00pm) and 19,800 in the busiest minute (1.10pm). The busiest second was 12:10:52pm when there were 433 transactions.

Edwin Schooling Latter, Managing Director, LINK Scheme commented, "For most people in the UK, queuing at a counter to obtain cash is a thing of the past. Cash machine usage continues to grow, with new records for cash dispensed set this weekend."

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