Albany Software unveils payments app for bureau service providers

Source: Albany Software

Albany Software, the pioneering developer of electronic payment software solutions, today announces the launch of Albany ePAYbureau: A new intelligent payments application specifically designed for bureaux requiring a solution to manage multiple complex submissions on behalf of their customers.

Addressing the crucial need for outsourced payments providers to deliver reliable, scalable and efficient payments offerings to their clients, Albany ePAYbureau offers both Bacs and Faster Payments, will support both payments and collections and handles volume either in a single customer file or across multiple customer files. The product seamlessly integrates with most ERP and accounting software and provides a plethora of management tools to help bureaux manage their customers' expectations.

With the Faster Payments capability provided by Albany ePAYbureau, ad-hoc or last-minute payments can also be facilitated simply, meaning that bureaux can be reactive to clients needs. Harry Hornby, Director of Eagle Consulting comments on the importance of an intelligent payment solution for bureaux, "A system such as Albany's ePAYbureau eradicates the need for re-keying of data, facilitates multiple payments and provides advanced reporting, streamlining business processes and saving both time and costs. The intuitive payment solution affords clear visibility of cash flow and increased task management giving bureaux the level of control required to provide exceptional service."

Eagle Consulting is a modern accounting services company providing outsourced accounting, treasury, payroll and taxation solutions to businesses and organisations throughout the UK. As the accounts department for its clients, Eagle Consulting provides an exceptional level of service, delivered by qualified and experienced staff using leading systems who have come to rely on Albany ePAYbureau to help run their business.

The intelligent processing engine at the core of Albany ePAYbureau actively works with the contents of the data flow to recommend optimum payment methods, notify of any account changes, reconcile updated data back to the core application and warn or stop any payment outside of preset limits. This functionality ultimately aids the bureau in making best practice decisions when it comes to handling their client's payments.

As an innovative payments solution Albany ePAYbureau offers many tangible benefits to bureau organisations. Adrian Stafford-Jones, managing director of Albany Software, explains, "By placing intelligent processing within the payments mechanism itself, Albany ePAYbureau allows the organisation to provide an enhanced service to their clients, whether that be for supplier payments, expense settlements, or payroll submissions. Errors caused by incorrect data are minimised, transaction costs are reduced as much as possible and data can be easily reconciled in the back office."

The comprehensive reporting functions, multi-user access and hierarchical permissions structure of the Albany ePAYbureau solution provide remarkable levels of control and visibility for the bureau provider, which can be adapted to suit the business model of different clients.

Stafford-Jones concludes, "Albany ePAYbureau is set to lead the way for the next generation of bureau payment solutions. The intelligent processing engine takes the payments management concept to a new level and makes recommendations to the user of the most logical, streamlined payment process possible. This, combined with its ability to facilitate multiple payments methods makes Albany ePAYbureau an excellent choice for any financial services organisation which wants to provide its clients with the complete outsourced payments solution."

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