Orc Software upgrades Spreader

Source: Orc Software

Orc Software, the global provider of technology for advanced trading and connectivity platforms, announces the latest release of Orc Spreader a specialised product for ultra-low latency, high-frequency arbitrage and spread trading.

Orc Spreader is a server-based, arbitrage-style trading product designed for low latency and high frequency trading. Firms use Orc Spreader for trading on multiple markets and across multiple asset classes. The latest release of Orc Spreader strengthens not only its performance and scalability, but also provides more tools for automation.

The key challenges addressed by Orc Spreader include:

  • Latency: Orc Spreader's server-based architecture, including extremely high-performance trading engine, can be co-located at exchanges resulting in the lowest possible latency.
  • Market Access: Orc Spreader allows firms to tap into Orc's extensive low-latency market connectivity to over 100 markets around the world.
  • Trader productivity: Orc Spreader automates more of a trader's workload with automated trading logic. This gives traders the ability to trade more spreads simultaneously and grow their overall trading.

"Model based trading now dominates the securities market," notes Paul Zubulake, senior analyst at Aite Group. "The top demands of the trading community include access to global markets, multi-asset execution capability and a low latency trading infrastructure. Momentum, correlation and multiple arbitrage trading strategies are the most common in the listed derivative space. All of them require stability and speed to be successful."

"The new Orc Spreader provides the performance and functionality demanded by today's arbitrageurs and spread traders," says Jesper Alfredsson, VP of Product Management at Orc Software. "Spread trading has become extremely competitive and Orc Spreader gives traders the tools they need to increase their profitability: ultra-low latency, multi-market and multi-asset class trading capabilities, and the smart trading strategy needed to automate their trading."

Orc Spreader is built on the multi-threaded, server-based algorithmic trading engine Orc Liquidator. It includes built-in trading logic designed for arbitrageurs and spread traders. Orc Spreader is used by latency sensitive traders looking to gain trading advantage by reducing missed hedges and adding products and markets to grow their business.

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