TriOptima posts stats for OTC derivatives interest rate trade reporting repository

Source: TriOptima

TriOptima announced that it has posted the first public reports for the OTC derivatives interest rate swap market on the Global OTC Derivatives Interest Rate Trade Reporting Repository (IR TRR) webpage.

The total notional amounts outstanding for all interest rate derivative transactions reported by the G-14 financial institutions was $448.7 trillion with interest rate swaps the largest component at $322.2 trillion as of March 31, 2010.

The G-14 financial institutions have been reporting market volumes for their entire OTC interest rate derivative trade portfolios to international regulators through the IR TRR since January 15th. The volumes include both cleared and non-cleared interest rate trades with G-14 institutions, buy side organizations, and other financial and non-financial institutions.

Beginning April 29th, the IR TRR is making aggregate market information available to the public summarizing the notional amounts and trade count by product type in USD; by currency in local currency and USD equivalent; and by tenor for each product type. Reports will be posted monthly on the website. Product types include caps/floors, forward rate agreements, options, swaps, swaptions, and cross currency swaps.

"This is an important step in the industry's continued efforts to provide additional transparency in the OTC derivatives marketplace," said David Halliden, Chairman of the IR TRR Governance Committee and Executive Director at J.P. Morgan, "Strong partnership between global regulators, major banks, buy-side firms and TriOptima has ensured we can achieve these goals quickly and efficiently."

"We are pleased to support the important work of the Governance Committee and global regulators," said Brian Meese, TriOptima CEO. "We look forward to further collaborative efforts that will benefit the market, improve post trade transparency and provide regulators with the information they require."

Following a request for proposal process, representatives from sell side and buy side institutions comprising ISDA's Rates Steering Committee selected TriOptima to provide the IR TRR in October 2009.

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