Vasco ships latest Digipass pack

Source: Vasco Data Security

Vasco Data Security International (Nasdaq: VDSI), a leading software security company specializing in strong authentication products, announces new family members in its Digipass Pack range - Digipass Pack for Remote Authentication Gold and Platinum Edition - at Infosecurity Europe in London.

DIGIPASS Pack for Remote Authentication Gold and Platinum Edition are based on IDENTIKEY® Server software, VASCO's comprehensive authentication server, with DIGIPASS® GO6 authenticators. Both packs are total solutions for strong user authentication in a box. The Gold Edition offers support for web filters (OWA and Citrix) on top of standard remote access through RADIUS and offers a back-up server licence for high availability purposes. The Platinum Edition offers DIGIPASS® Authentication for Windows Logon next to remote access through RADIUS and a back-up server licence. The packs have been designed for installations starting at 5, and available in packs for 5, 10, 25 or 50 users which can be easily expanded when the need arises. Both packs support Microsoft SBS 2003 and 2008.

DIGIPASS Authentication for Windows Logon offers a solution against unauthorized access. Companies of all size now have a cost effective way of protecting their Windows PCs which are connected to the corporate network against outside attacks. Even when laptops are not connected to the LAN, they remain protected, increasing the security of data stored on them in case they go missing or get stolen.

DIGIPASS Authentication for Windows Logon is a software module which is installed on the end user's Windows environment. As soon as 'DIGIPASS Authentication for Windows Logon' is setup, it replaces the original login window by a version that will send the login credentials including the OTP to IDENTIKEY Server for validation. After validation, the user is logged on to the Windows desktop and the corporate network. DIGIPASS Authentication for Windows Logon also works in unconnected mode, when working from home or on the road.

With packaged solutions for authentication, VASCO responds to the growing authentication needs of small businesses around the world. DIGIPASS Pack for Remote Authentication is a complete solution in a box which is simple to install, easasy to manage, and is ideally suited for small enterprises wanting to add an extra security layer to protect remote access to the corporate network and data in mission-critical applications.

"Our DIGIPASS Pack family is ideally suited for SMEs wanting to enhance the security of their network by adding strong user authentication. The Gold and Platinum editions are an addition to the DIGIPASS Pack family for companies wanting to install authentication on their primary and back-up environments. With DIGIPASS Authentication for Windows Logon in the Platinum edition we also enhance data security on employees' laptops when connected to the LAN or on the road," says Jan Valcke, President and COO at VASCO Data Security.

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