Exegy upgrades ticker plant

Source: Exegy

Exegy Incorporated, the hardware-accelerated market data appliance company announced today the release of the Exegy Ticker Plant 3.0.

"This is the third generation of the Exegy Ticker Plant, incorporating several improvements in both hardware and software. It is half the size of the second generation, increases the number of available connections, lowers latency and has much greater capacity," said Scott Parsons, Chief Architect and Chief Scientist at Exegy.

"Version 3.0 of the Exegy Ticker Plant is impressive. Our V-Tick network provides direct access to virtually all North American exchange feeds and most of these have been provisioned to the ticker plant installed at our Equinix NY4 facility in Secaucus," said John Muehlhausen, CTO at Essex Radez. "We were particularly impressed with Exegy's ability to handle NYSE ARCA Options. We are about to add NASDAQ's PHLX TOPO and the ISE top & depth of book feeds."

"It is now possible to receive data in less than 2 microseconds", added Parsons. "We tested one of the popular order book feeds and achieved an average of 1.74 microseconds of latency."

The new generation allows hundreds of connections to client applications in the enterprise version known as Exegy Total Connect. The Exegy Total Connect is also 2U, just 3 ½ inches tall, with the same enormous capacity and hardware acceleration. In addition, the product incorporates Informatica's 29West Ultra Messaging® Latency Busters® Messaging distribution, and will include other messaging systems in the future. Exegy Total Connect clients use the familiar Exegy API.

The market data capacity of the Exegy appliance has been increased considerably, providing additional headroom for exponentially increasing market data rates for the next several years. This single appliance is set to be in high demand as electronic trading continues to force market data rates to new heights every day.

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