Copp Clark makes reference data available on-demand using Xignite

Source: Copp Clark

Copp Clark Limited, the wholly owned subsidiary of Pearson, Plc and the leading publisher of financial reference data covering trading hours and holidays for global financial marketplaces, in partnership with Xignite, the leading cloud services provider of on-demand financial market data and web services, today announced the launch of Good Business Day On-Demand.

A new on-demand financial web service solution powered by the XigniteOnDemand platform, Good Business Day On-Demand offers financial market holiday and trading hours data available directly over the Internet at

Good Business Day On-Demand provides a wide range of trading and settlement calendar data via on-demand web services, including days of operation, holiday schedules, and settlement dates based on trade dates. Using Good Business Day On-Demand, Copp Clark's customers can even get detailed data about global exchanges, such as scheduled trading hours and the current date and time in the exchange's time zone.

Copp Clark launched Good Business Day On-Demand as part of a broader initiative to continue their leadership role in the market for financial calendar and trading hours data. Originally founded in 1841, Copp Clark has earned an impeccable reputation in the publishing industry based on 169 years of consistently delivering timely, valuable and reliable information. With the launch of Good Business Day On-Demand, Copp Clark plans to continue their legacy by leading the financial reference data market in the 21st century market for on-demand cloud services.

Copp Clark expects to expand their reference data business by offering web services to a whole new market of application and website developers. Using Good Business Day On-Demand web services, developers of applications and websites can now offer their users innovative solutions based on scheduling information from global financial exchanges.

"We're very excited about the value we can deliver to our customers with Good Business Day On-Demand," said Ron Marr, President of Copp Clark. "Our customers now have a way to complement the market data in their existing systems with our calendar and trading hours data, and they won't need to worry about time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry. With Xignite's help, we've been able to open up a new universe of possibilities for our customers and an exciting new market for our data."

Copp Clark engaged Xignite to accelerate the time to market for Good Business Day On-Demand, leveraging the XigniteOnDemand platform for on-demand financial market data distribution. "Within one month of giving Xignite our data to use with their platform, we were able to launch Good Business Day On-Demand," said Todd Ruthman, Technology Director for Copp Clark. "You just can't beat that for rapid time to market."

The XigniteOnDemand platform gives financial market data providers a way to expand into new markets and deliver unique value to their customers. Traditionally financial data is delivered in bulk files or data feeds. The XigniteOnDemand platform offers a new way to deliver financial data through on-demand web services. By designing web services to be application-ready, Xignite eliminates the need for application developers to manage data locally, saving them months of development time and thousands of dollars in expensive software, servers and networking equipment. Financial market data providers who use the XigniteOnDemand platform are able to open up new markets for their data by offering these unique time and cost savings.

"Copp Clark is not only the leader in their space, but truly visionary in finding new ways to add value for their customers," according to Stephane Dubois, CEO of Xignite. "They demonstrated leadership when they launched, offering their customers easy e-commerce access to their data. And now they're showing their visionary leadership again with the launch of Good Business Day On-Demand."

As part of the on-going partnership between Copp Clark and Xignite, Xignite has also incorporated Copp Clark's data into their own XigniteExchanges web service. The two companies plan to continue working together to offer their customers value-added ways to access Copp Clark's wealth of reference data.

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