Assimilate Technology upgrades FIX productivity system

Source: Assimilate Technology

Assimilate Technology announced today the latest release of their Visual FIX productivity system for FIX application developers.

Built on the .NET/C# platform, The Visual FIX system is an integrated development environment that is designed to help firms reduce costs and decrease time to market in the development and testing of FIX-based electronic trading applications.

This latest release of the Visual FIX system includes complete integration with the VersaFix open source FIX engine, enhanced WYSIWYG layout editors, and improvements to the Visual FIX Foundation Components - a suite of easy-to-use visual components that are provided with the system to simplify the development of testing scenarios, message processing, and log-based regression testing and reporting. The Visual FIX component model has also been improved to provide enhanced support for developing and hosting event processing workflows within the Visual FIX system.

"We're pleased to be able to bring this latest release of Visual FIX to the market," said CEO Russ Curry, "The integration of our VersaFix open source FIX engine into Visual FIX marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the product, and the additional enhancements in this release demonstrate our commitment to raising the bar in terms of what firms should expect from a FIX productivity solution."

In addition to providing the testing and simulation capabilities found in contemporary FIX testing products, the Visual FIX system's intuitive and highly-extensible visual environment allows firms to develop unique applications by incorporating their own .NET components directly into the platform. "The ability to extend the platform is a key aspect of Visual FIX, and we've been excited to see how our customers are making use of that capability," continued Curry, "from hosting custom algorithms, to developing EMS/OMS components, our customers are discovering that Visual FIX is representative of a new class of technology in the FIX productivity space."

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