Green Exchange Venture and Trayport team on environmental commodities trading access

Source: Trayport

Green Exchange Venture and Trayport today announced an ISV connectivity interface between Trayport's GlobalVision Trading Gateway and the CME Globex electronic trading platform.

This connection will enable authorized Trayport users direct trading access to futures and options contracts on environmental commodities once these contracts have been migrated to Green Exchange LLC. Environmental futures and options contracts are currently listed on NYMEX and are pending submission to and approval by the U.S. CFTC of Green Exchange LLC's application for designation as a contract market.

The connection, facilitated by software made available through Object Trading's FrontRunner® suite of products builds on the strengths of Trayport's energy commodities trading distribution and the extensive CME portfolio of derivative products, which include the environmental futures and options contracts currently listed on NYMEX, a CME Group Exchange. Tom Lewis, CEO of Green Exchange LLC, said: "Trayport's well-established position in commodity trading is a key element in allowing these emissions contracts the maximum exposure possible within the energy trading community."

Environmental futures and options contracts listed for trading and clearing through CME Clearport include: EUA, CER, CAR, RGGI, NOx and SO2 emissions allowances. These standardized and physically deliverable contracts are available for trading via CME Globex and OTC clearing services are offered through CME's ClearPort OTC clearing facility. These contracts will benefit from the unparalleled security of more than $8 billion in financial safeguards of the CME clearing house and cross margining with other NYMEX cleared futures contracts.

"We are pleased to expand our product offerings to include these environmental products," said Elliott Piggott, Managing Director, Trayport. "This shows more exchanges are now seeing the benefits of making their products available to the consolidated markets accessible on Trading Gateway. The new agreement with Green Exchange Venture will see additional US and European Union carbon allowance futures available on our pla our platform. This gives Trayport's clients further access to both US and European emissions contracts."

This integration and new offering was made possible through the use of Object Trading and its FrontRunner® suite of software. The Executive Director of Object Trading, Gerry Turner, commented, "We are delighted to be powering access to the Green Exchange Venture through Trayport. Object Trading's generic FrontRunner® interface enables Trayport to quickly and easily provide access to the Green Exchange with minimal technical integration effort; bringing this exciting global environmental marketplace online faster."

Access to trade the emissions contracts currently listed on NYMEX and cleared through the CME Clearing House can be secured by contacting your Trayport Client Services Representative or the Green Exchange Venture directly. All connection fees have been waived through 2012.

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