Zurich Insurance vows to improve security after data loss

Source: Zurich Insurance

The UK branch of Zurich Insurance plc ("ZIP UK") can confirm that it has given an undertaking to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) regarding the future protection and storage of personal data.

The undertaking was given after a dialogue with ICO that followed ZIP UK's self reporting of an incident regarding the loss of a back-up data tape in South Africa containing data relating to some of Zurich UK's general insurance customers.

A letter was sent last year to some 51,000 general insurance customers and other parties in the UK to inform them of this loss and the remedial actions being taken. To date, ZIP UK has seen no evidence to suggest that this data has been misused or compromised. UK Life policies or other General Insurance policies are not affected by this matter.

ZIP UK has given an undertaking that, where any future movement of back-up tapes containing personal data is required, ZIP UK will ensure that appropriate data security procedures, including the use of encryption where appropriate, are in place; that steps are taken to ensure staff and external contractors are made fully aware of such security procedures and adhere to them; that adequate checks are carried out on contractors' staff; and that effective controls are put in place to monitor and promptly report potential or actual data loss activity.

ZIP UK can confirm that all of these improvements in procedures have either already been implemented or will be implemented in the very near future.

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