IPC Systems upgrades US network infrastructure

Source: IPC Systems

IPC Systems, the leading provider of indispensable trading communications solutions to the world's top financial services firms, today announced the completion of the second phase of its North American network expansion.

With the addition of two new direct optical routes to existing points-of-presence (POPs) in San Francisco, IPC has expanded its domestic fiber optic network coverage with routes that directly connect San Francisco to New York/New Jersey and Houston to support the delivery of voice and electronic trading. This upgrade is part of IPC's continuing commitment to provide the optimum trading network to its customers and follows the company's recent announcement regarding the completion of its east ring deployment connecting six major trading locations.

IPC continues to expand its high-speed fully, restorable optical network to provide connectivity from its POPs in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. These new dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) connections allow IPC to provide its U.S.-based clients with lower latency access to trading venues domestically. Furthermore, U.S.-based clients can leverage the new POPs as a low latency gateway to trading venues in Asia-Pacific. IPC's network connects 4,000 global trading firms, vendors and venues over an infrastructure leveraging the latest wave technology. This new upgrade represents a four-fold increase in bandwidth serving the west coast and enables the secure delivery of private line voice and electronic connectivity services.

"The completion of the second phase of IPC's U.S. network upgrade is part of a continued investment in the company's secure private global network. This year we are continuing to expand our network across the globe to allow our customers to take advantage of the operational efficiencies IPC can bring," said Lou Marchese, vice president, Network Operations Americas, IPC Systems. "Through a single point of contact, we connect our clients to over 2,400 trading floors and exchanges worldwide and as well as 4,000 trading participants across a variety of trading asset classes."

This continued investment in state-of-the-art backbone infrastructure and technology expands IPC's global trading extranet direct access to the most efficient connection highway to reach its clients and execution venues across the region. Built in conjunction with tier-one carrier partners, the new platform provides customers with resilient service delivery and self-healing re-routing capabilities. It delivers customer voice and electronic trading data over a secure converged IP-based network offering low-latency and high-performance.

With the completion of this strategic initiative, IPC has successfully completed the second phase of its major network expansion program, significantly expanding its network capacity and delivering a first-class multi-service platform that meets the most stringent performance needs, while improving latency and resiliency.

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