Lewtan and Principia team on ABS transparency

Source: Principia

Principia Partners, the leading solution provider for the management and administration of structured finance portfolios and Lewtan, the leading source of asset-backed securities performance data and analytics for the global securitization industry, today announced the availability of Lewtan's ABSNet performance data via the Principia Structured Finance Platform (Principia SFP).

The adaptor integrates Lewtan's extensive performance data, which covers over 20,000 global structured finance deals, into Principia's end-to-end operational platform.

Investors using Principia SFP and ABSNetTM will be able to load and refresh data from the ABSNet deal portal and efficiently reference Lewtan deal performance data - alongside their own proprietary sources of deal or loan-level analysis. Access to this combination of asset performance data within Principia's infrastructure allows organizations to model their portfolio of structured finance and fixed income assets, along with their associated derivatives and funding products. Portfolio managers, risk and compliance staff can then more accurately analyze and report on the risk and performance of these positions. Deal performance statistics, calculated and maintained by Lewtan, are utilized within an advanced risk measurement and compliance framework and flow into downstream accounting processes delivered in Principia SFP.

"The provision of detailed deal structure information, ongoing analytics and performance data has always been the focus of the ABSNet solution. We can now see the regulatory and investor community in the securitization market recognizing the need for this level of independent deal analysis. This combined solution delivers the transparency to drill-down into individual deals, within a system that encompasses overall market and credit risk analysis," said Ned Myers, Chief Marketing Officer of Lewtan.

Lewtan's current and historical deal performance statistics are fully incorporated into Principia SFPs standard portfolio composition reports, deal reports and compliance engine. This allows investors to track all of the 100+ performance variables monitored by Lewtan from within the system. These measurements are augmented with the ability to track standard performance metrics and other asset information available through Principia SFP. Limits can then be set to maintain compliance, perform rigorous stress tests and deliver timely reports regarding asset performance at the portfolio, deal, tranche or collateral level.

"We are the first to fully automate independent ABS and MBS performance data into a complete out-of-the-box structured finance solution," stated Douglas Long, EVP, Business Strategy, Principia. "ABSNet's wide coverage of deals across the globe and its impressive level of analysis made it an obvious choice for a data partner. By leveraging this analysis within Principia SFP, investors can see deal performance in the wider context of their portfolio or operations and have the confidence that they have the timely and accurate information required to diligently manage their investment portfolios."

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