ISE enhances risk management tools

Source: International Securities Exchange

The International Securities Exchange (ISE) today announced that it has enhanced the risk management tools available to its options exchange members connecting via FIX.

ISE's members can now define hard risk management limits for their own connections and their sponsored access customers. The enhancements allow members to define the maximum quantity and the maximum notional value that can be entered on a per order or daily basis. The new risk management limits are already available through PrecISE Trade®, ISE's proprietary front-end trading system. Orders that exceed the pre-defined limits will be rejected in both platforms.

"ISE's new risk management limits give our members increased control over the orders that can be sent into the exchange, improving their risk management capabilities," said Boris Ilyevsky, Managing Director of ISE's options exchange. "Although the SEC has yet to make a determination on rules for sponsored access, we saw a need to proactively enhance the safeguards available to our member firms to complement existing risk management features for their own orders and for those of sponsored customers."

ISE's risk management tools also include order monitoring via PrecISE, FIX Trade Drop Copy Reports and the recently introduced FIX Order Drop Copy Feed, which allows exchange members to monitor firm and sponsored customer activity in real time. These reports are available for orders routed through PrecISE, FIX and API connections.

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