TS-Associates adds support for Solace Systems messaging platform

Source: Solace Systems

Solace Systems, the leading provider of hardware-based middleware, today announced that TS-Associates, provider of the market-leading solution for the precise monitoring and management of low-latency messaging infrastructures, has added support for Solace's Unified Messaging Platform.

TS-Associates' monitoring appliance, called TipOffTM, precisely measures and optimizes latency in high-performance messaging infrastructures like those enabled by Solace's messaging appliances.

The companies are integrating their appliances at the request of several of Solace's customers in the financial services sector, including a large multinational bank. Solace's growing client base includes investment banks, hedge funds, financial data distributors and exchanges from around the world.

"Solace Systems has become a popular technology provider in the financial services sector, and we are increasingly seeing their gear in customer datacenters," said Henry Young, director of product development at TS-Associates. "We are pleased to integrate TipOff with Solace, providing non-invasive monitoring of all Solace middleware stack layers and precise data flow latency monitoring to our customers."

TipOff passively captures Solace packet traffic, measuring latency from the point where applications like market data feeds, feed handlers and algorithmic trading engines handoff data to or from the Solace appliance, and throughout the Solace routing fabric. Integrating this capability into TipOff appliances allows Solace customers to be able to pinpoint all the sources of end-to-end latency and take action to reduce it through TipOff's latency root cause and middleware diagnostic capabilities.

"With latency and uptime both critical to financial firms, the after-the-fact or limited insight provided by software is unacceptable," said Shawn McAllister, CTO at Solace Systems. "In addition to the messaging metrics our solution provides natively, giving our customers the ability to measure message latency in real-time, and gain visibility into the underlying transport layer, will provide remarkable insight into the behavior and performance of their systems."

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