Radiant and RBS WorldPay launch token replacement security feature

Source: Radiant Systems

Radiant Systems (Nasdaq: RADS) today announced the release of Token Replacement, a new payment security feature that allocates a unique identifier, or token, to cardholder data at the RBS WorldPay host to prevent personal information from being stored on the point of sale.

"Token Replacement allows restaurant owners to place a greater focus on their operations by helping to ensure payment processing occurs in a secure environment," said Jeff Hughes, vice president of hosted solutions at Radiant Systems. "Unlike other competitive alternatives, there are no additional transaction fees associated with our Token Replacement feature. This is one of many examples of how Radiant is striving to help our customers better manage data security."

Token Replacement is designed as a point-of-sale feature that is tightly integrated into the latest version of the Aloha POS. When credit cards are swiped, data is first sent to the secure RBS WorldPay host, which then processes the payment and returns a unique token identifier to the POS for future reference. In addition, the seamless integration of Token Replacement with Aloha POS software increases speed of service by reducing processing time to let sales happen faster and maximize profits.

"As Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) continue to change and evolve, it is important for technology and payment processing companies to proactively provide a range of technical solutions to help merchants reduce risk," said Ian Drysdale, senior vice president of market development at RBS WorldPay. "RBS WorldPay and Radiant developed Token Replacement in response to our clients' desire for solutions that help reduce the burden that PCI compliance has placed upon many hospitality and retail merchants."

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