PFGBest unveils mobile trading apps

Source: PFGBest

PFGBest is introducing mobile trading applications powered by Market Simplified for iPhones, Blackberries and other devices.

Russ Wasendorf, Jr., president and chief operating officer of PFGBEST, said, "PFGBEST recognizes the demand for traders and investors to initiate, execute, keep track of and otherwise manage trades in futures and foreign exchange markets through mobile devices. BESTDirect MobileTM allows customers to download the application easily from the iPhone store. Then, at any time, using BESTDirect Mobile they can enter and execute trades, carry out technical market analysis, set alerts, get quotes, or check balances and positions in their PFGBEST accounts and other portfolio holdings via mobile."

To learn more and to download the software you need, please visit or go to the iPhone store for the application (search for PFGBEST).

Venkat Rangan, co-founder and chief executive officer of Market Simplified, added that "PFGBEST's user base of extremely active and sophisticated traders can immediately harness the power of trading and real time critical information access via mobile. Our endeavor is to enable their ability to trade by covering all major mobile operating systems in the shortest possible time."


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