Eze OMS clients get access to LiquidPoint options execution and routing tech

Source: ConvergEx Group

ConvergEx Group, a leading provider of investment technologies and execution solutions to institutional clients worldwide, today announced that users of its order management system, the Eze OMS, now have integrated access to LiquidPoint's latest options execution and routing technologies directly from the OMS blotter.

As a key part of this enhanced offering, Eze OMS clients will be able to deploy LiquidPoint's Liquidity Seeking Order, which provides a high-speed and flexible connection to LiquidPoint's liquidity network. Until this upgrade, the Liquidity Seeking Order was only available via LiquidPoint's proprietary application and infrastructure.

"The highlight of this offering is allowing Eze OMS users access to our broad liquidity network, which is the most active institutional matching network," said Anthony Saliba, chief executive officer of ConvergEx's LiquidPoint. "LiquidPoint has been building and honing our liquidity network over the last six years and as a result, we lead the industry in crossed orders that find additional liquidity or provide price improvement."

The newest additions to options trade functionality available through the Eze OMS include strategies and order types to:

* Route orders to a user-specified exchange or to a single exchange with the highest fill probability
* Intelligently slice and route orders to multiple exchanges simultaneously
* Partially or totally cloak orders to avoid impacting displayed exchange liquidity
* Intelligently send orders in waves to access liquidity at multiple price points for exchange execution

* Dynamically work orders at user specified price levels versus the stock and automatically execute delta hedge

Route orders into the LiquidPoint liquidity network to locate and access additional liquidity and/or price improvement

"The Eze OMS is the only order management system that currently supports LiquidPoint's full range of robust and technologically complex trading strategies," said Rob Keller, CFA, managing director of Global Product Management for ConvergEx's Eze Castle Software. "We are pleased to roll out this streamlined and intuitive interface, which gives our users the ability to deploy LiquidPoint's powerful tools directly into their existing workfloows with the ease and efficiency of a single click."

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