ING taps RingCube for business continuity and desktop mobility

Source: RingCube

RingCube Technologies, the leading provider of managed virtual workspaces, today announced that ING Group, the #1 ranked commercial bank by Fortune Global 500 in 2009, has selected RingCube vDesk as a key component in the company's desktop mobility, business continuity, and pandemic planning initiatives. RingCube vDesk is a high-performance enterprise desktop virtualization solution that simplifies the creation, access and management of Windows desktops through Workspace Virtualization. In the event of a disaster or pandemic situation, vDesk will enable ING employees that use a corporate PC in the office to access their desktop computing environment within a vDesk virtual workspace running on a secure portable USB drive and remain productive.

"Businesses and governments across the globe are developing plans that ensure employees can be productive outside of the office as part of business continuity planning, particularly in light of heightened concerns generated by severe weather, earthquakes and even pandemic outbreaks," said Richard Jones, Burton Group vice president and services director. "Desktop virtualization solutions are helping various organizations meet these requirements by delivering a virtualized computing experience that enforces security policies while maintaining employee productivity in the event of an unforeseen disaster."

RingCube vDesk

RingCube vDesk's unique Virtual Workspace technology separates the user's desktop environment including applications, data and settings from the operating system and encapsulates it into a secure container while automatically backing up every virtual desktop to a centralized server. Users can run their vDesk workspace at the office or on unmanaged PCs - at home, or at disaster recovery site. When users start their vDesk workspace, it transforms any Windows PC into their own familiar corporate workspace where users can access their files, applications, settings and entire desktop, just as if they were on their own business PC whether online or offline from the network.

vDesk Advantages:

* No second operating system to license or manage
* High-performance virtualization technology
* Runs at 99% of the native host PC performance
* Four Flexible deployment options: PC, Drive, Network, VDI
* MobileSync provides offline synchronization
* No need for data center build out

"Many enterprises have overlooked one of the most vital elements of their business continuity plans, which is employee productivity," said Pete Foley, president and CEO, RingCube. "In this current economic climate the cost of purchasing or replicating every employee to a laptop to ensure productivity is either cost prohibitive for most companies or is simply nois simis simply not fiscally responsible. RingCube is pleased to provide an enterprise customer like ING the benefits of secure managed virtual desktops with offline mobility for a fraction of the cost of purchasing additional hardware or other desktop virtualization solution that often have high upfront capital costs."

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