InComm acquires virtual currency outfit Zeevex

Source: Zeevex

InComm, the leader in sales and marketing of prepaid products and innovator of transaction processing, has acquired Zeevex, an open virtual currency provider and digital content microtransaction thought leader. An integral component of InComm's digital content strategy, the Zeevex acquisition will enable InComm to leverage the strength of its prepaid gaming vertical with Zeevex's virtual currency platform creating a powerful tool for consumers of all ages to discover and purchase their favorite digital content.

"Acquiring Zeevex, one of the best selling partners in our digital content category, is a huge win for InComm and an important component of our ongoing digital content strategy," said Brian Parlotto, InComm's Senior Vice President of Consumer Products and International. "Over the last two years, InComm has established itself as the industry leader in prepaid gaming."

Further supporting InComm's commitment to innovation in the prepaid environment, the timing of this new business venture is perfectly aligned with trends in the industry. "Our move into the virtual currency and microtransaction space strengthens our position as a pioneer in digital content at retail and helps InComm drive value to our digital partners allowing them to monetize their content immediately, at a lower cost than many other options, while establishing an unprecedented connection to retail consumers," said Parlotto.

The Zeevex platform supports token-based and point-based virtual currency models, and it represents a true online payment microtransaction solution for users. It also has the advantage of being an open virtual currency that allows consumers of all ages to participate fully in today's digital economy. "We are excited about the momentum coming from the union of Zeevex and InComm," said Ron Williams, CEO at Zeevex. "This represents a great opportunity for our existing digital content partners and the consumers who have come to rely on Zeevex tokens to enhance their online experience. Aligning our virtual currency platform and innovative Digital Locker with InComm's proven expertise in marketing and selling prepaid digital content products at retail will speed the adoption of an open virtual currency."

Emphasizing InComm's ongoing commitment to the industry, Williams further suggested, "Consumers want far more flexibility and lower barriers when spending their dollars online. InComm is delivering a unique solution to address these needs in a way that will increase consumer engagement and digital content spending through the industry's largest distribution network."

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