Bank of America to cease overdrafts for debit card transactions

Source: Bank of America

As part of its commitment to provide more control, choice and clarity for its customers, Bank of America today announced that beginning this summer it will only authorize single debit card transactions at the point of sale if a customer has enough money in their account at the time.

This change will help customers by reducing the likelihood they may inadvertently overdraw their account and thus eliminate unexpected overdraft fees on these transactions. Customers will still have the choice to link their checking account to another account through Overdraft Protection to cover these types of transactions.

"Our customers have been clear that they want to know if a purchase is going to overdraw their account," said Susan Faulkner, Deposits and Card Product executive. "Our solution is simple, clear and helps customers control their finances by reducing the possibility of over-extending themselves at the point of sale with a debit card."

Bank of America's solution provides:


Today, the majority of customers who overdraw their account do so as a result of everyday debit card purchases where the bank is unable to alert them at the time that the purchase may cause an overdraft and result in a fee. The bank believes the best option is to help customers by reducing the likelihood they may inadvertently overdraw their accounts and thus eliminate often unexpected overdraft fees on these transactions.


Bank of America continues to provide choices for those instances when customers need additional flexibility in managing their finances:

* Customers can link their checking account to a savings or other account through Overdraft Protection.
* Customers may use another form of payment.
* Customers may also be able to access cash through the Bank of America ATM network where they will be alerted that the transaction might cause an overdraft and result in a fee.


The bank is clearly spelling out for customers how these changes are enhancing the control they have asked for while providing options that allow them to choose the solution that best meets their needs.

Bank of America continues to offer tools and services that provide customers with more flexibility and control in managing their finances suchng es suchng their finances such as:

* An easy-to-navigate Web site,, that provides tools and resources to help customers.
* Electronic alerts when accounts reach a low balance or a customer overdraws. Beginning this summer, Bank of America will set these alerts as an automatic feature for our online banking customers who have a checking account.
* The ability for customers to request that Bank of America not authorize any purchases, payments or withdrawals unless the full transaction amount is available in their checking account or a linked overdraft protection account at that time.

"We understand that the environment has changed, and we are changing with it," added Faulkner. "We will continue to make changes to our products, services and solutions that deliver more value to our customers by providing the clarity, control and choice they need to better manage their everyday finances."

These latest improvements are part of Bank of America's determination to help customers manage their everyday finances and bank in the ways that fit their life. To that end, Bank of America is:

* Providing Clarity Commitments for our lending products that outline in simple, everyday language what a customer should expect from their relationship with us.
* Simplifying offerings, including the introduction of basic, straightforward products.
* Enhancing choice and convenience through the bank's industry-leading online, mobile and ATM network.
* Renewing a commitment to financial education to help customers make more confident financial decisions and realize their opportunities.

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