Raiffeisen Informatik revamps Swift messaging processes with Incentage

Source: Raiffeisen Informatik

Raiffeisen Informatik, Austria's largest IT provider, has revamped its Swift messaging processes and infrastructures from the ground up.

By bringing in Incentage's Middleware Suite (IMS), Process Cockpit (IPC) and SWIFT's Alliance Access (SAA) as the base, the existing legacy infrastructures have been replaced with efficient and flexible applications that control and monitor the entire SWIFT message flow for Raiffeisen Informatik's client roster of banks and financial institutions.

It took only 9 months for Raiffeisen Informatik in Vienna/Austria to completely update its entire messaging infrastructure and revise its messaging processes. The SWIFT infrastructure, already in use for many years, has been replaced with Incentage's state-of-the-art and SWIFT certified EAI applications (Enterprise Application Integration), together with SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA).

Incentage's Middleware Suite (IMS) efficiently pools, transforms and controls all message flows (FIN and XML) in Raiffeisen Informatik's internal area and in message exchanges with the SWIFT environment. Key to the successful automation of the data flows is the real-time based monitoring of the entire message infrastructure and complete message flows, which is handled by the Incentage Process Cockpit (IPC) for system users. Erroneous messages, delays, congestion or messages which are not delivered are immediately detected and flagged with alerts. IPC essentially provides R-IT Admin and its clients seamless monitoring of message flows with no delay.

To supplement its restructuring of the SWIFT messaging infrastructure, Raiffeisen Informatik has deployed SWIFT E & I (Exceptions and Investigations), which is also an integrated component of the Incentage infrastructure.

A long-standing IT partner for the Raiffeisen sector, Raiffeisen Informatik controls, monitors and processes the message flows of 37 banks. More than 90% of message flows have been successfully migrated to the new infrastructure. The migration's success is in part due to Incentage applications' multi-client capability as well as their high level of performance and scalability.

Johann Wimmer, Area Manager for Central Institutes and Financial Service Providers at Raiffeisen Informatik, points out the installation's advantages at the Raiffeisen Informatik data centre: "Our clients expect us to deliver economical and reliable services. Using the new software offers numerous benefits in operations and managing processes. Moreover, security is also improved and administration has been considerably simplified, thanks to modern operations on a client-server environment with high availability at our data centre. The new web-based application interface offers continuous transparency. Clients can monitor each status of their message. This makes it possible to trace message flows at each step. The new interface enables our administrators to more quickly and flexibly implement adjustments to the system or application."

Michael Formann, Head of SWIFT Austria, adds: "We are delighted at the successful completion of the very professionally implemented project, as are our client Raiffeisen Informatik, its clients and our partner Incentage. Once again it has been proven that technological progress, detailed project planning and enthusiastic employees are the driver and guarantee for a successful project. We made the right choice for our clients in partnering with Incentage, who was able to professionally implement a highly complex project at a very competitive price."

And Judit Baracs, SWIFT Account Manager RZB Group, also comments: "This successful and professional system replacement with a future-oriented solution will be a boon to the entire Austrian Raiffeisen Group. They will be able to implement faster new SWIFT services and client-specific solutions and offer clients of the Group more efficient services, such as Exceptions and Investigations and SWIFTNet Funds."

For Felix Huber, CEO of Incentage, the project demonstrated "that the replacement of legacy and Merva infrastructures does not have to be a horror scenario and that even major banks can rely on a lean project for switching to a future-oriented, flexible and cost-efficient messaging structure. In particular, Raiffeisen Informatik has also confirmed that our applications can migrate a large amount of clients successfully and on a short timeline."

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