SZRB taps MSIT-EXIN for exceptions and investigations


Slovenska zarucna a rozvojova banka (SZRB) is the first bank in Slovak Republic and Central Eastern Europe which has gone live with the innovative exceptions and investigations solution MSIT-EXIN in 2010.

Indeed, SZRB is thus a leader in implementing new technologies in the payment areas.

Using MSIT-EXIN as a Software as a Service, SZRB is able to automate its payments' exceptions and investigations business.

MSIT-EXIN is used as outsourced "Software as a Service" via Digital Systems SWIFT-certified Service Bureau. MSIT-EXIN as SaaSSB - Software as a Service via SWIFT-certified Service Bureau - is a very cost-effective solution for banks with lower case volumes. This innovative solution is the only one that truly offers SWIFT E&I know-how and readiness within shortest possible time. SZRB has now full access to an easy-to-use E&I solution while taking advantage of minimum costs for secured SWIFT-infrastructure. It can now easily garner the benefits of SWIFT E&I and the automation of its payments' exceptions and investigations business.

Besides the SWIFT Ready Application Exceptions and Investigations Label, the scalability and user friendliness of the solution were crucial criteria for SZRB to go for MSIT-EXIN. Moreover, the long experience with Digital Systems and its highly professional services in SWIFT and payments area were further important criteria to use MSIT-EXIN via Digital Systems SWIFT-certified Service Bureau.

"As a reliable IT partner of SZRB, we are delighted that we provide the latest innovations for its processing of exceptions and investigations. The groundbreaking business model „Software as a Service‟ helps SZRB to make optimal use of exceptions and investigations." says Peter Hasko, Chief Sales Officer of Digital Systems.

"The main goal of SZRB was to automate all processes in payments‟ exceptions and investigations. In fact, these business processes are to be made clear and transparent. As SZRB has started deposit products for corporate clients from the 1st of January 2010, another major challenge was to comply with SWIFT E&I standards in order to take advantage of SWIFT E&I within shortest possible time. Indeed, MSIT-EXIN is the best solution fulfilling all our business needs and SWIFT rules. Using MSIT-EXIN, SZRB is SWIFT ready before it becomes mandatory for all SWIFT users. This benefit gives SZRB a significant advantage over its competitors." comments Jozef Galis, Director of the Accounting and Reporting Section in SZRB and Peter Paprskar, Director of the Information Systems Section in SZRB.

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