Ballista added to Bloomberg execution management system

Source: Ballista Securities

Ballista Securities, operator of the Ballista Alternative Trading System (ATS) for block options, announced today integration efforts have been completed with Bloomberg's Execution Management System (EMSX).

Bloomberg EMSX users will be able to access the Ballista ATS immediately via the function EMSX on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service. Focused on equity options, the Ballista ATS reduces the time and manual effort required to execute block option and volatility orders by providing an electronic alternative to manual trading methods.

"Bloomberg's EMSX is relied upon by institutional traders of all types and we are very pleased they are connecting to our ATS," said Mark Monahan, Ballista's Chief Executive, adding, "our integration with Bloomberg is another key validation of our model as we continue to automate the block equity options market."

Bloomberg's Execution Management System, EMSX, is a sophisticated, broker-neutral equities, futures, and options trading tool that allows you to route seamlessly to nearly 2,000 broker-dealer destinations, including over 50 algorithmic suites. EMSX integrates news, indications, and real-time market and portfolio analytics into a customizable workspace so that you can monitor execution quality and improve trading decisions and performance.

In addition to advanced options execution functionality, Bloomberg provides traders and portfolio managers with a complete view of the options market with real-time prices, volatility levels, Greeks, and alerting functionality.

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