Norwegian banks go mobile with Todos

Source: Todos

In Norway, Bankenes BetalingsSentral (BBS) is the central clearing house for bank payments.

They use the Todos Versatile Authentication Server to support digital authentication for a group of around 25 Norwegian banks.

They have been looking for a mobile authentication solution. After a pilot programme, they have approved Todos's onMobile solution. This system uses a Java midlet running on a wide range of compatible mobile phones to authenticate users. In November 2009, Todos announced the launch of onMobile for iPhone (available for demo purposes) and Android (Q2 2010). These applications give banks and their customer secure strong authentication and transaction verification on the move.

Todos AB customized the Java midlet version of onMobile to tweak it for the special requirements of the Norwegian market. The application will be downloadable over-the-air (OTA) making it very easy and cheap to roll out and making life easier for customers. The system builds on the proven strengths of the existing system: ease of use, trust and security. BBS expects hundreds of thousands to use the system before long.

"Norway's banks are well-known for looking ahead. They work collectively to find common solutions that meet the highest standards of security and technology," says Ulf Dahlberg, Sales Director Nordic Region at Todos AB. "They already rely on Todos technology and we're thrilled that they've taken the next step that will allow banks to offer mobile authentication using our onMobile system."


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