City & County Credit Union selects Bluepoint ImagePoint

Source: Bluepoint Solution

City & County Credit Union, headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., today announced its selection of Bluepoint Solutions' ImagePoint, its complete point-to-point item processing suite, enterprise content management platform, receipt and transaction management tools and disaster recovery.

Bluepoint Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading innovator in remote deposit capture (RDC), image-based item processing and enterprise content management software technology for financial institutions.

"What began as a search for a home capture solution to better serve our members evolved into a full-blown campaign to evaluate and address all of our enterprise content management needs," said Pat Pierce, CEO of City & County Credit Union. "As we got deeper into the evaluation phase, we uncovered several areas in the credit union that would benefit from a more sophisticated document management solution. After a systematic search, we determined that Bluepoint was the only provider that could satisfy all of our operational requirements, while adding the desired workflow efficiencies and functionality."

City & County Credit Union operates four branches, has more than 41,000 members and $339 million in assets. The credit union cited Bluepoint's unique best practices approach as the primary factor in its selection. Based on proven industry best practices, Bluepoint's solutions are designed to improve client service, enhance business continuity, improve productivity and increase operational efficiencies. Additionally, its technology is member-centric, allowing it to align with the systems and procedures commonly found within a credit union environment.

Pierce continued, "After evaluating and meeting with several providers in the market, we were very impressed with Bluepoint's best practices approach and their knowledge of how credit unions operate. It was clear their team held years of experience and had proven solutions to each challenge we presented. We determined Bluepoint's best-practices approach would satisfy all of our requirements and significantly improve our processes. Additionally, the member-centric approach allows us to better serve our members. Other systems we examined were siloed according to departmentt or document type - having all of the information organized by member is much more productive in a credit union."

City & County will be implementing Bluepoint's teller capture platform (vs. the alternative branch capture), which follows Bluepoint's best practice recommendation of capturing documents at the point-of-presentment.
"We are looking forward to moving the entire credit union to an image-based environment and shifting away from paper-based operations," said Pierce. "We made the decision to capture items at the teller station to not only improve our internal workflow, but also the overall member experience. If there are any questions about a document, our tellers will have the information at their fingertips to respond immediately. This will also eliminate the end of day rush to balance and get items processed."

Pierce continued, "Once the entire suite is implemented, we've estimated the initial hard cost savings alone will amount to more than $250,000 over the next seven years. This does not include the soft savings in reduced time spent on research, reduction of errors due to keystrokes and the improved member service."

City & County Credit Union has invested in a sophisticated content management and remote deposit capture strategy leveraging the following Bluepoint products: ImagePoint Teller Capture, Receipt Manager with Transaction Manager, ImagePoint Remote (QwikDeposit Home), ImagePoint Hub, ImagePoint Foundation, member-centric Enterprise Content Management platform and disaster recovery.

ImagePoint Capture enables the capture of items remotely or at the teller line, ImagePoint Hub aggregates and forwards presentment of items and ImagePoint Foundation provides central item processing functions and image exchange. When used together, the ImagePoint Platform provides a complete end-to-end solution from the earliest point of presentment to full "Day Two" processing for inclearings, returns and a full, feature-rich permanent archive for storage and research.

Receipt Manager integrates with the existing teller transaction flow, storing the receipt data electronically and making it available to authorized users throughout the entire credit union. Bluepoint's Enterprise Content Management platform integrates with ImagePoint and Receipt Manager to provide a flexible, member-centric file system to manage all scanned and imported documents electronically, and create valuable reporting tools to analyze and review member data.

"Bluepoint is celebrating its 10th year in business this year," said CEO and Founder, Hal Tilbury. "For the past decade, we have established best practices that when implemented, can save credit unions hundreds of thousands of dollars, uncover hours of lost productivity and significantly help their front and back offices better serve their members. City & County's executive team is making an investment in their future and we are very proud to be the partner selected. Our team will start with a comprehensive evaluation of the credit union's current processes and then implement our solutions to drive efficiencies throughout the organization. We look forward to working with City & County on this endeavor."

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