Poland's BPS selects NCR ATM's

Source: NCR

BPS, an association of 350 cooperative banks with more than 440 NCR automated teller machines (ATMs) in Poland, has extended its network by purchasing more than 80 next-generation NCR SelfServ ATMs from NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR).

Through this agreement, BPS and its affiliate banks intend to increase operational efficiencies while enhance customer service levels. The order includes NCR's self-service software APTRATM Advance NDC and Managed Services for the next five years. In 2010, BPS plans to buy another 100 ATMs from NCR.

BPS selected NCR SelfServ ATM as being best suited to its self-service strategy. The multi-functional ATMs are compact and provide improved management and maintenance functionality. NCR SelfServ is the first family of ATMs worldwide to include innovative "self-healing" capabilities that allows ATMs to automatically and quickly recover from soft failures with no need for service intervention, reducing recovery time from three to four hours to just 10 to 15 minutes. The improved availability will help BPS Banks secure high customer satisfaction levels.

NCR SelfServ is also the only ATM family to feature protected USB technology which can help prevent unauthorised hardware changes. This also means that modules needed to deliver future services on ATMs can be added quickly, without compromising the security of the ATM. The first NCR SelfServ in BPS and generally first sold in Poland has been installed at Gospodarczy Bank Spółdzielczy in the city of Radków.

Beyond the installation itself, NCR Poland is also assuming responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of the self-service systems. Through its incident management services, NCR will proactively monitor and analyse the BPS' self-service network to identify both disruptions and their causes and to allow for timely implementation of preventative measures. In this way, any faults that may occur can often be identified and resolved before an ATM failure occurs.

At the same time NCR is providing BPS with precise recommendations on optimising their systems and processes to avoid downtimes, increase availability of the self-service channel and improve customer satisfaction. Additional components of the contract include screen advertisement services.

"Self-service innovations that add even more value to the service quality for our customers are always well received," says Aneta Pielacka, Director of BPS. "We want to offer them easy-to-use and trustworthy solutions while protecting our investment for the future. The compact size of ATMs and the large, user-friendly, colour screen of the machines were important to our selection of the NCR SelfServ ATMs."

"We're pleased that BPS group has once again put its trust in NCR's cutting edge technology to provide its customers with improved 24/7 self-service options. NCR SelfServ improves the productivity of tellers by freeing them up for individual customer consultations," explains Krzysztof Gajór, Managing Director at NCR Poland.

"From an IT service provider perspective, we help financial institutions to make their self-service operations more efficient. Maximum availability of the systems help banks ensure customer satisfaction and increase turnover via their self-service channels", he adds.

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