CyberTech reports bank contract win

Source: CyberTech

CyberTech, the world's fastest-growing and 2nd largest compliance recording provider, today announced a new contract with a top-five global financial institution to further deploy CyberTech's highly secure compliance recording platform (to capture and archive all of the firm's interaction recordings) across all of its 100 regions worldwide.

This marks the tenth global financial institution to adopt CyberTech across all of its worldwide locations.

The extended engagement is due in large part to the financial institution's ongoing success with CyberTech's award-winning trading floor compliance recording solutions installed across many of its locations today. The recording systems offer the industry's highest level of security and resilience with central archiving of all recordings to mass storage devices, MD5 fingerprinting, audit trails, IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) and more.

"Securing a truly global contract with such a widely known and venerable financial organization like this is a testament to the robust nature of our recording and archiving systems," said Paul Manyweathers, Director Global Business Development. "Financial institutions can no longer afford to lose even a single recording in light of the ever-tightening regulatory and litigation environment we are in today across the globe. Our platform offers out-of-the-box AES 256 audio encryption, fast and easy call retrieval and integrates seamlessly with virtually any financial trading turret system. These and other key features are what make CyberTech the longest-standing call recording company in the industry today."

CyberTech currently serves 50 percent of the world's top 25 banks and maintains offices in 10 locations across the world in order to support its global customers wherever they may be. This includes facilities in The Netherlands, London, New York, Frankfurt, Honk Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Madrid, Paris and Tokyo.

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