TxVia inks processing agreement with American Express Incentive Services

Source: TxVia

TxVia, a pioneer in processing technology for network-based payment systems, today announced it has signed an agreement to provide American Express Incentive Services (AEISTM), a prepaid incentive industry leader, with prepaid processing platforms based on TxVia's platform-as-a-service (PaaS) delivery model.

"We had far-reaching requirements including multiple systems integrations to support our broad range of products and configurations," said Russell W. Yergensen, CFO of AEIS. "TxVia's PaaS model will support current functionality of American Express merchant network, thus offering a seamless transition to our clients, merchants, and cardholders. The PaaS offering allows us to fully upgrade our current platform and product needs and positions us well for the future as we continue to evaluate new opportunities to ensure robust offerings for our clients."

"We're delighted that AEIS-one of the top prepaid card program managers-has chosen to partner with TxVia," said Anil D. Aggarwal, TxVia chairman and CEO. "With our PaaS delivery model, AEIS can create highly competitive prepaid offerings, leveraging its industry expertise, wide-ranging experience and tremendous client base."

TxVia's PaaS delivery model enables clients, at their option, to take significant control of their processing platforms, as well as their product and service attributes: Clients can utilize Web-based tools-including an integrated development environment (IDE) called TxDev-to participate in our Payment Processing Developer Network to securely extend TxVia's best-in-class features and functionality and meet their end users' specific needs. With faster time to market with better payment propositions, TxVia's clients are able to increase their revenues, and can concurrently reduce their total cost of ownership and protect their intellectual property. Following launch, AEIS will become part of TxVia's Payment Processing Developer Network.

"As with many highly successful prepaid card program managers operating at significant scale, AEIS has developed many unique, competitive capabilities that make for a complex system and architecture," said Aggarwal. "PaaS allows us to successfully deploy processing solutions into these environments, ensuring reliability and scalability, which would simply not be achievable with software-as-a-service (SaaS) or in-house software processing solutions."

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