Tsys unveils hybrid card

Source: Tsys

Tsys today introduced an innovative payment card that allows consumers to choose how they want to pay.

The patent-pending TSYS HybridSM product combines credit and checking payment functionality on a single card, creating an easy-to-manage payment solution that gives consumers greater financial control. TSYS is first to bring to market a solution that is well suited for the current economic environment.

The consumer can pre-determine payment preferences by dollar amount, type of transaction or both, or allow the card issuer to create unique spending preferences.

"This all-in-one solution gives cardholders the ability to pay from multiple accounts that are all linked to a single card. In this economic environment, consumers want more control and convenience at a time when they are making conscious decisions about what to 'pay now' versus 'pay later,'" said M. Troy Woods, president and chief operating officer of TSYS.

Tech-savvy and traditional customers alike can set preferences for posting transactions to their various accounts using their Web browser. Transactions are conducted to allow consumers to carry credit balances or 'pay now' from their deposit or other accounts depending on what works best for them. Credit, checking and other deposit accounts may be used for payments, creating a consumer-directed way to manage household finances.

The TSYS Hybrid offering is available to the market today.


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