Aim and CetrelSecurities form reference data partnership

Source: Aim Software

CetrelSecurities, a specialist in providing ASP services to financial institutions with more than 20 active clients using the service, and Aim Software, a global provider of reference data management solutions to the financial industry, today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership to provide a tailor-made data service based on Aim Software's Gain Data Management platform.

Being a regulated company controlled by the Luxembourg Financial Markets Authority, CETRELSecurities, a subsidiary of the Luxembourg based Cetrel S.A., focuses on the provision of outsourced services in the area of pricing, reference data and corporate actions management to financial institutions all over Europe. After having jointly acquired some prestigious clients, CETRELSecurities and AIM Software have entered into a long term strategic partnership to serve the European financial market with a state-of-the-art ASP platform based on the GAIN Data Management product. Both companies' profound experience in the area of data management as well as their integration capabilities related to standard banking packages will ensure an optimum data quality and customer support.

As a result of the partnership, CETRELSecurities' customers will be able to benefit directly from the access to AIM Software's proven GAIN Data Management platform with more than 108 references, while being spared the effort of installing and maintaining it in-house. By relying on an outsourced service, clients will be able to increase their operational efficiency and to concentrate on their core business at the same time. Carlo Houblie, Executive Vice President of CETRELSecurities explains: "AIM Software's flexible reference data solution as well as CETRELSecurities' know-how in the area of ASP provision complement each other in an ideal way. By being able to build on product components such as 35+ maintained data feed connectors and on a highly secure production environment, CETRELSecurities and AIM Software are able to provide added value services such as pricing, reference data and corporate actions scrubbing, compliance solutions and interfaces to many banking packages based on GAIN."

"We are proud that GAIN is used for the reference data services at one of the major ASP providers in Europe," adds Josef Sommeregger, Vice President Business Development and Sales at AIM Software. "Our strong local presence in Luxembourg will serve as a basis for a close cooperation with CETRELSecurities allowing both companies to focus on their core competencies and to offer added value service to the large joint customer base."

"We are extremely pleased about this strategic partnership," concludes Renaud Oury, Executive Vice President of CETRELSecurities. "We are convinced that our joint expertise will help our clients to increase the reliability and quality of their overall reference data management, to effectively cut down their costs, while reducing their operational risks."

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