Xac and Voltage partner on end-to-end encryption

Source: XAC Automation Corporation

Xac Automation Corporation (Taiwan NASDAQ: 5490), one of the world's leading private label electronic payment system manufacturers, and Voltage Security, the global leader in end-to-end data protection, today announced that Zac is implementing an end-to-end encryption point-of-sale (POS) solution that protects cardholder data at the point of card swipe and through the payment flow to the payment processor or card brand hand-off.

By encrypting data at the point of sale, XAC solutions with Voltage SecureDataTM provide merchants with an end-to-end data protection solution that significantly reduces the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) audit scope and meets or exceeds the recently published Visa Best Practices for Data Field Encryption.

XAC chose to join the new Voltage SecureData Open License Program because it lowers the barrier to implement end-to-end encryption on POS devices, Electronic Cash Registers (ECRs) and eCommerce Payment platforms.

"One of our primary goals is to provide our reseller partners with options to deliver highly secure and affordable data protection to their customers," said Edmund Chang, Chairman and CEO of XAC. "We chose to partner with Voltage because of their advanced technology and momentum in signing new merchants and payment processors," continued Chang.

XAC plans to integrate Voltage's Format-Preserving EncryptionTM (Voltage FPE) and Voltage Identity-Based EncryptionTM (Voltage IBE) technologies into its line of Secure Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSRs) and PIN entry devices. Voltage's solutions simplify the deployment and administration of encryption and key management, offering the following advantages:

• Cardholder data is encrypted immediately at point of capture and remains protected end-to-end.
• Key management is simplified - no need to inject keys into devices or manually rotate encryption keys.
• End-to-end encryption can be applied across the widest range of form factors.

XAC's new devices to be available within 6o days will provide Retail POS Systems with end-to-end security. With these solutions, the payment card primary account numbers (PANs) and other sensitive data are encrypted at the merchant's point-of-sale device. This protection remains enforced until payment processor or card-brand hand-off.

"As a global leader in manufacturing payments transaction automation solutions, XAC is widely recognized as a payment technology innovator and is committed to raising the data security standards within the electronic payments industry," said Doug Dwyre, vice president of business development for Voltage Security. "By selecting Voltage, XAC is delivering end-to-end security to merchants and their customers around the world." continued Dwyre.

XAC also plans to offer Voltage's technology as an option in its line of POS desktop and wireless terminals. According to Chang, "Offering Voltage with XAC's readily available key modules and payment platforms will position XAC as the ideal partner for private label end-to-end secured devices."

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