CNB Texas boosts Web presence with T8 Webware

Source: T8 Webware

T8 Webware, a provider of Web development, management and hosting services for the financial industry, today announced that Citizens National Bank Texas (CNB Texas) enlisted the company to achieve a more functional Web presence for users as well as to improve its search engine optimization (SEO) for better online visibility among competing banks.

Before teaming with T8 Webware, CNB Texas had concerns in identifying a Web partner that could deliver the flexibility and control that it lacked with the existing site. In addition to having a revived, interactive design, CNB Texas wanted the ability to modify and update its site as needed - without the delays incurred from incorporating changes through a third party. With T8 Webware's content management system, FREEDOM8, the bank can now maintain the dynamic Web presence it needs to keep visitors coming back while also attracting new ones.

"Our Web site simply cannot be effective if recurring visitors use it solely as a login to Internet banking, or if prospects do not even realize it exists," explained Jeremy Cartwright, electronic branch manager for CNB Texas. "We wanted a regularly updated, content-relevant site to provide customers with a functional Web portal, and to also enable us to compete in related online searches. T8 Webware guided our development of a non-template driven design that would support these goals, and gave us the tools to maintain control."

Since the Web site's launch in spring 2009, CNB Texas has experienced a significant increase in the number of visitors every month, with each of them visiting an average of four pages. What is more, the bank has dramatically improved its Google page ranking in organic searches for banks in and around Tyler, Texas.

FREEDOM8 enables content updates to be performed by any authorized user, from any location at any time while enforcing FFIEC guidelines and FDIC functional compliance. This flexibility allows CNB Texas to freely schedule and change online campaigns of new product and services with ease, as well as to maintain an active community calendar, up to date interest rates and more.

"CNB Texas is an ideal model of a bank that leverages a consistently updated site to its advantage for drawing new business and increasing Web visibility in its community," explained Wade Arnold, CEO of T8 Webware. "FREEDOM8 breaks down traditional boundaries that once limited a financial institution's effectiveness online, enabling quick, easy Web site updates without any unnecessary work or compliance demands."

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