Infosys benchmarks Finacle on Sun systems


Infosys' Banking Business Unit and Sun Microsystems, Inc today, revealed a new performance and scalability test result achieved in core banking transaction-processing tests. The recently announced Retail Banking Reference Architecture from Infosys and Sun that consists of Finacle running on the Sun Fire 6800 systems in combination with Sun StorEdge T3 arrays and Sun Java Enterprise System software achieved a peak performance load exceeding 18 million transactions per hour or 5,203 transactions per second in online mode.

These results are the highest in the industry based on publicly available data.

Today most banks the world over - especially in mature western financial markets - are saddled with antiquated legacy systems that can hamper their ability to respond to the challenges of new age banking, i.e., need for greater agility, efficiency and reduced costs. But as banks embark on legacy core replacement, scalability is a critical area of concern.

This series of performance tests give customers the opportunity to see the performance characteristics of Infosys and the Sun Fire platform under real world conditions and to use this information to plan configuration requirements and system sizing. Additionally, the result proves that Finacle can scale efficiently and handle transaction volumes of some of the largest banks in North America.

Built and tested in iForce Centers, Reference Architectures are repeatable methodologies based on implementations in live customer sites worldwide. Reference Architectures are designed to reduce risk, complexity, time, and costs associated with building and running network computing solutions.

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