Wincor Nixdorf plays on high cost of cash with new portfolio

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Cash continues to be the number one payment medium. "Nine of ten payment transactions worldwide are made with cash. Our estimates show that this creates more than 300 billion dollars in costs, primarily for banks and retail businesses," explains Eckard Heidloff, President and CEO of Wincor Nixdorf, at the opening of Wincor World 2010.

The number of euro banknotes alone is growing at the rate of nine percent yearly according to the European Central Bank. On the whole, cash handling in Europe costs approximately 50 billion euros every year. Thus Heidloff presented a solution portfolio as the kickoff to Wincor World that makes the most of the common ground in cash handling processes at retail companies and banks, and takes a completely new approach. The portfolio, which Wincor Nixdorf is marketing under the name "Cash Cycle Management Solutions", enables manual processes to be automated, with the result that bank and store employees no longer come into contact with cash. The results: maximum security, the greatest possible transparency, better processes and cost reductions of more than twenty percent!

Heidloff emphasized that Wincor Nixdorf continues to be a reliable and stable solution partner to banks and retailers. To be sure, the Group's sales fell by six percent and its EBITA by thirteen percent year-on-year in the first quarter of the new fiscal year 2009/2010. And Heidloff added that Wincor Nixdorf expected sales and operating income to be down somewhat for the fiscal year as a whole, but not by more than in the last fiscal year 2008/2009, when sales fell by three percent and income by thirteen percent. The company's objective is to remain stable throughout the crisis, while preparing for when the economy recovers in strength.

Wincor World with thirty partner exhibitors
Around 600 exhibits of IT solutions and services from Wincor Nixdorf and thirty partner exhibitors await visitors at Wincor World. The exhibition's focal points are of strategic importance to banks and retail companies: offers for enhancing customer orientation at branches and stores, software platforms that map all processes at banks and retail companies, and solutions for protecting systems, networks and branch/store networks will all be on display. Automation solutions for bank branches and retail stores and an extended range of services, such as the assumption of responsibility for processing debit and credit card transactions, shows how well Wincor Nixdorf's focus is anchored in the processes of retail companies and banks.

New systems with intelligent banknote storage concept
With its new Cash Cycle Management portfolio, Wincor Nixdorf aims to automate cash handling processes at banks and retail companies as completely as possible, ensure closed cash cycles and shorten the cash logistics chain. This is achieved by using systems in both banking and retailing that feature a uniform banknote storage concept that enables the exchange of storage media between devices from the new hardware family, CINEO. A memory chip in the storage unit stores information that is available at any time on both the level of cash inside and where and when the unit was used or opened.As a result, banknotes deposited at a bank branch's counter and stored in intelligent storage units in an automated teller safe can be dispensed again at automated teller machines. Similarly, a closed cash cycle can be created in retailing between the POS zone and the store's cash office, where, for example, the cash in the individual tills is counted. The banknote storage units used to store cash takings at a retail store can be transferred directly to nearby automated teller machines, thereby eliminating the need for the takings to be removed to a CiT operator's cash center and processed there.

In a future scenario, cash centers, bank branches and retail stores will all be able to be integrated in the cycle. The core of this approach is that the automated filling and emptying of cash cassettes in the cash center's sorting systems enables cross-sector cash cycle management.

For controlling cash handling processes from the store/branch to the central bank, Wincor Nixdorf offers Cash Cycle Management Base, a comprehensive software portfolio that allows banks and retail companies to manage and optimize these processes themselves. However, they can also turn over the control of their cash management to Wincor Nixdorf, because all of the functionalities in the software portfolio are also part of Wincor Nixdorf's eServices Platform. As part of its comprehensive Managed Services portfolio, the company offers cash cycle management services such as forecasting and optimization of cash holdings or the complete control of CiT operators.

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