TransCard develops card personalisation app

Source: TransCard

TransCard - a leading provider of electronic payment and prepaid debit card solutions branded with MasterCard, Discover, Star and Pulse associations - has developed an application, called FotoCard, which allows cardholders to customize their card designs with their own photos.

The solution is offered across TransCard's universe of clients, including corporate enterprise clients that want to offer more value to their cardholder member base.

"TransCard is now the first enterprise prepaid company to offer cardholders the ability to customize cards," says Craig Fuller, TransCard's CEO. "FotoCard gives cardholders the ultimate choice in their card designs - making their experience more individualized and, thus, driving increased cardholder adoption. This solution is two-fold: perpetuating the top-of-wallet usability of prepaid cards by cardholders and increasing the brand visibility of the client."

FotoCard is an easy-to-use feature that cardholders can access through the TransCard cardholder website. Here, they follow a step-by-step program that walks them through how to upload photos, adjust images and get cards delivered directly to their home address.

"We love this feature internally at TransCard," says Jerry Uffner, President of TransCard. "All of our employees have had such a great time personalizing cards and sharing them with each other. We have created some funny ones and some endearing ones with children and beloved pets. FotoCard allows you to express who you are - as soon as you hand your card to someone, they can easily tell if you're a Steelers fan, like Dalmatians or have traveled abroad. These cards are great conversation starters!"

As companies continue to adopt TransCard's enterprise prepaid solution, feedback from individual cardholders suggests they are interested in making their experience personal. Giving cardholders the ability to customize a unique experience starts with the look of their cards - but that's just the beginning.

"Over the next few months, TransCard will expand on this effort by rolling out a set of tools and resources that enable a more personalized cardholder experience," says Mr. Fuller. "We are excited to be on the leading edge of this technology and believe our solution to be the first of its kind in enterprise prepaid."

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