Finter Bank Zurich implements SunGard Ambit Apsys

Source: SunGard

Finter Bank Zurich, a Swiss private bank providing investment advisory services and portfolio management to private clients, has completed its implementation of SunGard's Ambit Apsys Private Banking solution.

The solution was selected and implemented to help Finter Bank deliver its Fair Relationship Banking model - an approach aimed at enhancing Finter Bank's knowledge and understanding of its clients and their needs as well as strengthening its client offerings.

Finter Bank prides itself on understanding its clients' needs and seeing things from their point of view. It is continuously evaluating ways to enhance client service and service quality, improve operational efficiency and optimize its infrastructure to support new business growth. Finter required a solution that would help it improve business process efficiency, provide a single view of the client and accommodate the integration of multiple sites, including its Nassau subsidiary. As a result of its recent acquisition of Bank Hugo Kahn, Finter Bank had a requirement to consolidate multiple systems onto a single platform. Finally, the bank wanted to complete the implementation in an ambitious time frame of only six to seven months. After an evaluation of leading providers, Finter chose SunGard's Ambit Apsys private banking solution.

Roger Dürig, chief operating officer of Finter Bank Zurich, commented: "SunGard's Ambit Apsys helps us gain a more integrated, well-rounded view of our clients. The solution also separates client data from the operational data store, which is a key requirement for Finter Bank and optimizes straight-through processing (STP) for key processes."

Daniel Bardini, president of SunGard's Ambit Apsys business unit, commented: "SunGard's Ambit Apsys private banking solution provides Finter Bank with the tools to help it streamline its operational processes, improve customer-centricity across clients and provide targeted services, helping the bank meet client needs accurately and efficiently. By consolidating these capabilities on a single platform, we are able to help Finter Bank improve client service, while providing a lower total cost of ownership. We're pleased with this successful implementation."

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