Stocktweeting moves into beta

Source: Stocktweeting

Stocktweeting, an innovative website that lets you interact with investors about publicly traded companies on top of the micro-blogging service Twitter has officially gone from alpha to beta status this past holiday weekend while unveiling a slew of new features in the process.

One new feature that we think will become an instant hit in the Twitter world is its new stock voting concept. The website now boasts a social voting feature to rate publicly traded companies by tracking if users post tweets with a '+' or '-'.

$INTC+: Indicates that you are bullish on Intel's stock
$JPM-: Indicates that you are bearish on JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s stock

$AAPL=: Indicates that you recommend holding or are neutral on Apple's stock

"Putting a plus or minus after a ticker symbol will quickly become a very popular Twitterism - the same way that adding a dollar sign in front of a publicly traded ticker symbol became such an industry standard in '09," said Matt Hagens, CEO of "This idea is still fresh; however, we will soon have the ability to track thousands of votes simultaneously to see if shareholders are bull or bear on a particular stock. We are not limiting this to just our site, our algorithm will calculate every vote within the freewheeling masses of Twitter stratosphere. This would essentially make guys like Jim Cramer obsolete. I'll take a community's sentiment over one guy's opinion any day of the week."

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