Commercial Bank signs for IBT technology suite

Source: Integrated Bank Technology

Integrated Bank Technology (IBT), a company that specializes in providing core processing and imaging software applications for in-house and ASP environments for financial institutions and provides 24/7 support services, announced that Georgia-based The Commercial Bank has selected its flagship product, Integrated Bank Environment (IBE), and the entire product suite of solutions.

Commercial Bank decided to expand its relationship with IBT and take advantage of the true integration of its platform. The bank expects to improve the business process, increase the availability to real-time information and provide substantially better service to its customers.

"After our systems were acquired by IBT, we decided to work with the company under the existing contract and over the course of several months we recognized the staff's professionalism and superior knowledge of core systems," Larry Townsend, chief operating officer of Commercial Bank, explained. "As a result, we decided to remain a customer and replace all of our existing systems with IBT's totally integrated solutions. We have the confidence that IBT will be able to meet all of our needs."

IBE is a repository for not only a financial institution's core system, but also all of the ancillary systems, supporting all delivery channels and enabling everything to be tracked and managed from a single system. Commercial Bank employees will no longer log on to different systems multiple times to manage customer relationships, documents and check images. Everything will be located in one place with one easy-to-use interface. The bank will deploy the entire IBE solutions platform, including document imaging, integrated image teller and fraud monitoring.

"Prior to working with IBT, we had five different systems running within the bank and none of them communicated with each other," Townsend added. "With IBE we can work within a consolidated environment that gives us one place to manage all of the information with ease and convenience. It makes the management and utilization of information much easier, so we're very excited about the platform. Based on our research, IBE goes far and beyond what most technology vendors can offer."

"Customer satisfaction through quality of service while maintaining or increasing margins are key objectives for financial institutions in today's environment," Mike Golebiowski, president of IBT, said. "Any time a bank invests in innovative technology; its customers feel the positive impact of true integration. With the installation of IBE at Commercial Bank, we look forward to seeing this vast improvement of the overall banking experience for its customers and employees.

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