Assimilate launches open source FIX engine for .Net

Source: Assimilate Technology

Assimilate Technology Inc. announced today the launch of their VersaFix open source FIX Engine for the .NET platform.

The versaFix system will provide support for all versions of the FIX Protocol and offers a highly modular architecture that allows financial firms to dramatically simplify the development of complex FIX protocol applications.

"We're pleased to be able to launch VersaFix as an open source product," said Russ curry, Assimilate Technology's CEO, "as adoption of the .NET platform continues to grow across the financial industry, the need for a strong open source FIX engine for the .NET platform has become increasingly apparent. Although there are great solutions for the Java platform, like the outstanding QuickFIX/J project, .NET developers have been required to either pay expensive licensing fees for a proprietary product or deal with less elegant solutions such as managed wrappers around older C++ systems."

The VersaFix system is written in the C# language and the source code is licensed to the community under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.0. "Licensing our VersaFix system to the community under the GNU/GPL underscores our commitment to the open source philosophy and ensures that financial firms can develop hosted trading platforms and other financial systems without concern of being locked in to an expensive licensing relationship with a specific vendor," said Curry, "although it's early in the project's lifecycle, we're confident that by continuing to sponsor the project and by working with other developers in the open source community, we can ensure that the versaFix system evolves into a high quality solution for developing production trading applications."

The VersaFix project is hosted at SourceForge, the leading open source project hosting site, and additional resources will be made available from Assimilate Technology's website.

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