Deutsche Börse Systems expands low latency network

Source: Deutsche Börse Systems

Deutsche Börse Systems is developing a new ultra low latency infrastructure from Frankfurt to Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Chicago.

The new design will enable these key markets to connect to Deutsche Börse, Eurex and Xetra trading systems as well as to external clients and partners with ultra low latency.

Latencies under 3.3 milliseconds will be achieved for the Frankfurt-Amsterdam connection, under 4.5 milliseconds for Paris, under 40 milliseconds for New York, and under 49 milliseconds for Chicago.

The connections combine the shortest geographic routing paths with different routing options and the latest optical transmission techniques. The network design guarantees the proven maximum availability with no single point of failure while also offering the lowest latency possible.

"With the rapid expansion of its new ultra low latency network, Deutsche Börse is strengthening its position for latency-sensitive financial market connections," stressed Michael Girg, Director Networks Support at Deutsche Börse Systems. "Feedback on our latency optimization initiative from clients existing and new has been extremely positive thus far, confirming our view that such investment in new technology truly provides a benefit to our clients."

Deutsche Börse Systems began to develop a new ultra low latency network infrastructure between Frankfurt and London back in August 2009. The two locations are thus connected with a latency of 5 milliseconds.

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