Deutsche Postbank Financial selects Aim Golden Copy

Source: Aim Software

Aim Software, a global provider of reference data management solutions to the financial industry, today announced that Deutsche Postbank Financial has decided to implement Aim Software's flagship Golden Copy solution with the goal of optimizing the delivery of reference data from SIX Telekurs VDF into Decalog by SunGard.

Due to growing demands in data processing, it became necessary for Deutsche Postbank Financial Services GmbH to improve the quality of reference data. After an extensive analysis of proven data management suites, Postbank Financial chose to go for the integrated solution of SIX Telekurs and AIM Software, which comprises the delivery of VDF data as well as its integration in the Decalog front office tool.

„After joint discussions between Deutsche Postbank Financial Services GmbH, AIM Software and us, it was AIM Software's know-how, its large client base as well as its experience in the integration of SIX Telekurs data into banking applications which was decisive for the selection of GAIN", explains Alexander Auer, Head of Solutions at SIX Telekurs. "AIM Software has got a profound knowledge in processing VDF data, which guarantees a fast and solid implementation support."

In the joint project with SIX Telekurs, AIM Software is currently carrying out an initial parameterization of GAIN Golden Copy including the normalization and mapping of VDF Data into the central data model of the platform. In a consecutive step, AIM Software is going to execute the required adaptations to the GAIN | Decalog interface in order to meet Postbank's specific data needs. The connection of GAIN Golden Copy to the Decalog banking application is designed as a standard interface which can be installed at any Decalog user quickly, saving time and implementation costs.

GAIN Golden Copy imports, processes and maps all requested data thus creating new security records directly within Decalog at any time and within a few minutes. The solution also features the processing of daily mutation files from SIX Telekurs and the calculation of specific values required by the customer which are derived from the raw data provided by SIX Telekurs. GAIN considerably improves the STP flow between SIX Telekurs and Decalog thus enhancing the client's overall operational efficiency.

"Growing demands in data processing require a fast implementation and further functionalities", explains Josef Sommeregger, Vice President Business Development and Sales at AIM Software. "Owing to its modularity and flexible architecture, GAIN's central data model will serve Deutsche Postbank Financial as a future proof tool permitting an easy step by step integration of additional functionalities and further sources. By using best practice adapted to the specific needs of our client, we aim at reducing implementation times as well as ensuring a faster ROI for Deutsche Postbank Financial."

"AIM Software is pleased to welcome Postbank Financial in the extensive GAIN Golden Copy user pool," adds Martin Buchberger, Head of Marketing at AIM Software. "Based on its scalability, GAIN bridges the gap for our clients between a solution that solves their business challenges today, while providing them with an extensible application platform for the future."

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