ViVOtech unveils payment acceptance devices

Source: ViVOtech

Silicon Valley-based ViVOtech, the leader in Near Field Communication (NFC) and contactless payment systems, today announced the launch of its new breed of customer-facing ViVOpay 8800 and ViVOpay 8600 payment acceptance devices for merchants with PCI 2.1 certification and built-in contactless NFC technology.

The new devices unveiled during the opening of the National Retail Federation Show in New York not only allow retailers to accept highly secure payments at POS, but also deliver a personalized mobile marketing experience to their customers.

"The widespread use of mobile smart phones and contactless NFC technologies by consumers is changing how they expect to shop and pay"

The ViVOpay 8000 product series features built-in intelligent mLoyalty software enabling merchants to offer exciting new mobile marketing and loyalty programs to their customers. By delivering personalized coupons and offers to their customers' existing mobile phone, a merchant can drive more traffic to its stores and create up-sell opportunities while customers are in store. As a result, customers enjoy a high-value shopping experience with personalized and location-based services and offers delivered directly from the merchants.

Using ViVOpay 8000 products, customers can redeem mobile coupons and promotions electronically using contactless or mag-stripe cards, contactless sticker-attached to existing phones or NFC-enabled mobile phones.

"The widespread use of mobile smart phones and contactless NFC technologies by consumers is changing how they expect to shop and pay," said Mohammad Khan, president and founder of ViVOtech. "The ViVOpay 8000 series, along with ViVOtech mobile promotion and mLoyalty software, will enable merchants to be equipped accordingly and deliver the high-value shopping experience their customers expect, while providing interactive and creative up-sell opportunities."

ViVOpay 8000 products are PCI 2.1 certified for highly secured PIN entry of debit card transactions using an ADA-compliant keypad and optional signature capture for other payment card transactions. Equipped with a powerful ARM9 processor, Linux operating system, integrated contactless NFC reader, magnetic-stripe reader, and high-capacity memory, the new devices allow merchants to future-proof their investment for the next-generation, customer-facing devices that will grow over time, driven by a highly mobile consumer base.

The ViVOpay 8000 products interface with the most popular POS and ECR systems used by retailers today - adding powerful new capabilities including:

* PCI 2.1 Certification: Highly secure PIN pad certification provides protection from obsolescence beyond 2014.
* Integrated Mobile Payments and Promotions Module: Built-in support for NFC mobile payments, marketing and loyalty programs.
* Impressive Display and Touch Screen:
o ViVOpay 8800 features a wide-screen display and vivid colors, with high-contrast ratio, 24-bit color display showing up to 16 million colors in HD format. The capacitive touch screen is highly durable and scratch resistant, supporting both finger and stylus input.
o ViVOpay 8600 has a high-resolution, bright black and white display, a cost-effective touch screen with stylus input and optional signature capture.
* Support for Multiple Payment and non-Payment Transactions:
o Enables both PIN and signature-based credit and debit transactions using mag-stripe, contactless ISO 14443, MiFare and NFC devices.
o Supports contactless and NFC mobile enabled prepaid, gift, loyalty, coupons, and digital receipt programs
* Remote Download: Post-deployment firmware updates, via remote download, eliminate the need for additional hardware or device resetting.
* ADA compliant keypad: Compliant with standards for the visually disabled, the recessed keyboard provides maximum privacy.

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