Quantifi upgrades pricing, hedging and risk analysis software

Source: Quantifi

Quantifi, a leading provider of analytics and risk management solutions to the global credit markets, today announced the release of Version 9.3 (V9.3) of the firm's comprehensive pricing, hedging and risk analysis software.

V9.3 provides more robust risk reporting, streamlined operations, expanded product support, and improved performance and scalability.

Rohan Douglas, CEO of Quantifi, says, "2009 was a challenging year for market participants and as we embark upon a new year, the pending 'regulatory tsunami' which will impact the OTC markets is just beginning to be felt. We are finding that our clients need to overcome a number of crucial challenges: improving risk analysis while increasing performance and improving operations. In light of this, we have released V9.3 to ensure our clients have a competitive advantage by being well-prepared and strategically positioned for future change."

Quantifi V9.3 is an innovative and significant new version of Quantifi's groundbreaking software suite. The release introduces several new features, including:

  • Improved reporting with the Risk Navigator - a next generation aggregation and reporting application that allows users to build interactive composite reports with tables and graphs of current and historical data and results.
  • Simplified operations with the Credit Event Manager - an application that automates and simplifies workflow processing of corporate events using automated credit event feeds.
  • Expanded product support with Quantifi RISK support for Synthetic CLOs and CDS Options, and Quantifi XL support for Convertible Bonds, CMS and CMT Swaps.
  • Improved performance and scalability with out of the box support for Symphony Grid, semi-analytic sensitivities, and optimized results caching.

Version 9.3 also includes many more incremental enhancements based on client and market demand, all designed to make the Quantifi suite of products as effective and simple to use as possible.

Mark Traudt, CTO of Quantifi, comments, "Quantifi upholds a longstanding commitment to innovation and technical superiority. V9.3 reflects our continued success in breaking new ground in technology and support for the OTC markets. The new release enables clients to perform faster pricing and risk analysis within a highly scalable, reliable infrastructure."

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