7ticks selects Endace trading performance hardware

Source: Endace

7ticks, a leading provider of low-latency managed services for the finnancial trading sector, today announced it will leverage trading performance hardware vendor, Endace.

7ticks will now be able to measure market data trade latency with 100% packet capture accuracy using software solutions from the recently formed alliance with Correlix and Race Team.

"The NinjaBox appliance enables rapid deployment of exible, high performance data capture and is capable of supporting multiple monitoring applications on a single device," says Dan Murray, 7ticks' Director of Architecture.

Mike Riley, CEO of Endace, says the partnership with 7Ticks and the 7Ticks alliance endorses the unique value Endace's technology platform delivers. "We recognized years ago that meeting the challenge of capturing and analyzing 100% of network trafc was essential to providing software applications with all the information they need and required a combination of hardware and software to solve the problem. That's what the Endace platform delivers - in an easy-to-deploy and manage, standards-compliant format that truly provides network applications with The Power To See All."

7ticks works with a number of ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and hardware companies and will work with whatever platform a customer feels suits their needs. Direct market access is currently available for Options, Options on Futures, FX, Interbank and OTC. Direct access to equities is planned for the end of the year.

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