Ingenico trumpets PCI compliance strategy

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico, the leading provider of payment solutions and one of the founding members of Secure POS Vendor Alliance (SPVA), announced today its comprehensive strategy to provide secure end-to-end solutions to assist merchants in complying with the PCI Data Security Standards.

The strategy addresses the entire payment transaction process including:

  • Data in flight -- an advanced technology enhancement at the point of card acceptance encrypts data in flight and is offered with no per terminal or per transaction fees.
  • Data at rest -- card and transaction-based tokenization provides unique data proxy to the point of sale eliminating the storage of sensitive card data and reducing the PCI footprint for merchants.
  • Architecture -- Ingenico's unique international PCI-DSS payment infrastructure offers security monitoring, estate management, and value added services to merchants and supports POS deployment from manufacturing to merchant operational environment.

For over 25 years, Ingenico has been known for providing superior secure solutions for merchants worldwide. Building on its solid base of innovative technology and security expertise, Ingenico has invested heavily to launch its security solutions strategy. The strategy has three core components:

Technology: Ingenico's On-Guard(TM) Card Acceptance encryption technology will be embedded within the entire line of new Ingenico payment devices deployed in North America as standard security functionality to provide secure data capture and transmission at the point of card acceptance. The company will offer this standard technology to all merchants without charging transaction fees.

People: With the same care that Ingenico has put into building its technical team, the company has assembled one of the most talented groups of security experts in the industry. The company's security know-how comes from people with real world, real transaction processing, real retail business and real security experience. Ingenico engaged security experts such as Jacques Stern, Ingenico's Chairman and world-renowned cryptographer; Christophe Dolique, Executive Vice President of Ingenico and Chairman of SPVA; and Deborah Dixson, the former Chief Information Security Officer for Best Buy Inc and now senior vice president of Security Solutions of Ingenico, North America to help craft and deliver secure solutions for retailers.

Partners: It is Ingenico's goal to help merchants find solutions that effectively reduce their PCI-Compliance footprint by providing a secure end-to-end transaction process. The company is forming strategic relationships with key implementation partners experienced in delivering security solutions to merchants to increase the likelihood of an on-time, on-budget deployment of custom security solutions.

"Today, there's no shortage of products in the marketplace that are targeted at specific elements of the security puzzle," said Christopher Justice, President of Ingenico, North America. "Merchants are telling us that they are struggling to sort through the promises and marketing hype to piece a set of disparate solutions together in the hopes that the outcome will provide a secure end-to-end process. They feel enormous pressure and responsibility to protect cardholder data as it finds its home in their databases. Our new security strategy will focus on delivering complete solutions meaning Ingenico will provide full support to its customers from initial environment security audits to on-field security and remote device management for key rotation and software upgrades Our core technology applications are created and tested by a global team of cryptology experts and will offer multiple layers of security including our On-Guard(TM) Card Acceptance and contactless encryption as a standard with no per transaction charges."

Major benefits that retailers can expect from Ingenico's end-to-end secure payment transaction solution:

  • Non-intrusive encryption option
  • Compliant with Visa's best practices
  • No per terminal or per transaction fees for encrypting/decrypting data in flight
  • Encryption algorithms offered as freeware, and available to all SPVA members
  • Flexible and customizable implementation options
  • Device management for key rotation and software upgrades
  • Reporting and security monitoring capabilities
  • Dedicated team to support customers in implementing and monitoring the solution
  • Payment network segmentation that reduces the PCI-Compliance footprint

"We are designing and will deliver solutions that merchants are looking for and need to keep their investments safe, their customers happy, and protect their brand from becoming a fraud casualty," said Deborah Dixson, Senior Vice President of Security Solutions, Ingenico, North America.

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